Dear Customers & Partners!

Over the last many years, Destcom Joint Stock Company has been made of much effort to gain continuous growth with impressive achievement. So far, Destcom has become prestigious and familiar trademark for not only domestic but also national and international customer. Our Company has 3 fields that is:

  • Electrical systems for civil & industry.
  • Telecommunications & Information Technology.
  • Electronics and Automations.

Company name is inspired by “Destination”. Therefore, the company always attaches great importance to inspiring and directing its members and efforts to achieve the common goal.

Our basis guideline is respecting and heartedly servering customer and society’s benefit. Therefore, with customer, we have been trying our best gratefully to working as the slogan “Customer is alwayspriority”. With partner, we are committed to cooperating for the mutual benefit. With staffs, we recognize and honor their contribution to our success. It is humanistic business viewpoint that generates awareness of responsibility in the company’s daily operation in order to serve as typical citizen in community.

With strong tust and expectation toward Vietnam electrical industry and the national prosperity, Destcom has been exerting itself to more and more develop and making further meaningful worth to mommunity.

Sincerely thanks.


Boar Chairman

Nguyen Duc Giang